The Plastic Jesus Burrito Scandal Thread


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Feb 17, 2019
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Many voices raised in anger over an image of a fictional character from an ancient book because he's holding a burrito? Who ever said Jesus didn't dig on swine? Or beef? Of whatever dog-food/cat-food these kebab making outlets deal in? We know he ate fish: would it be sacreligious to depict him with a fish-burger and a litre of wine? No?

So what's the fucking problem?

You can't legislate against insulting fictional characters. If I were to depict Santa Claus with a dildo hanging from his pants, who'd be offended? What kind of whack-job finds the time to take issue with bullshit like this?

I like burritos.

I dislike religion.

Should we legislate in Sharia-style way and refuse to allow any depiction of the Jesus sort?

I mean, most of the ones we have are pretty gory: nailed to a tree, blood seeping from the skull, hands, sides, and feet.

Add a burrito into the picture and the Catholics are screaming.

Should we ban the burrito?